Ellenberger Park
5301 East St. Clair Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219

(317) 327-7176

Ellenberger is Irvington's second oldest public park.

The park offers a playground, multiple picnic areas with one picnic shelter, a baseball diamond, a softball diamond, a football field, a soccer field, tennis courts, an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness trail

It also has an area used for concerts, including an annual Summer concert by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Ellenberger used to have an ice skating rink; however, due to City Of Indianapolis budge cuts, the rink was closed. The residents of the greater Irvington neighborhood would like the City to allocate monies to repair the ice skating rink; however, that remains to be seen.


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Ellenberger Park sign at the intersection of East St. Clair Street and North Ritter Avenue


Irving Circle Park
250 South Audubon Road
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Friends Of Irving Circle
An Irvington Neighborhood organization dedicated to maintaining the
Irving Circle Park as well as promoting Summer concerts there.


The Irving Circle Park is Irvington's oldest park, dating back to the original platting of Irvington. The park was platted with the intention that it would be one of the focal points of Irvington. As its name implies, the Irving Circle Park is a large circular (semi) park with Audubon Road and University Avenue intersecting with it..

The centerpiece is a large fountain that was constructed in 1971 by Irvington residents, led by John Readle. This fountain is actually the third fountain at this location, the first, dating back to the 1890s and the second, dating to the 1930s (both of the earlier fountains were replaced over the years because each had fallen into a state of disrepair).

An original plat requirement was for a bust of the American writer, Washington Irving, to be placed in the park; however, one was not installed there until 1936. This bust stood in the park until 1943 when it was removed because it had been severely vandalized. This original bust, was repaired and then placed, along with its original supporting column, on the front lawn of Indianapolis Public School 57. The current bust --- a replica of the original --- was cast and placed, along with a new supporting column, in the park at the time of the rebuilding of the current fountain.

While the park provides no amenities, it is a popular destination within the neighborhood nonetheless. During the Summer months, the Friends Of Irving Circle schedule concerts in the park. This "concert series" has proven to be quite popular with attendance at some some concerts easily approaching 500 people.



NOTE: Primary source for this information about Irving Circle Park comes from Paul Diebold's book, Greater Irvington: Architecture, People And Places On The Indianapolis Eastside (pages 18 and 19), Copyright © 1997 by the Irvington Historical Society.

Mr. Diebold's book is available for purchase from the Irvington Historical Society.

Concert in the Irving Circle Park
July 9, 2011



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